Solidarity call for the revolutionary struggle in Bakur Kurdistan





Serhildan Jiyan e

Η εξέγερση είναι ζωή            Revolt is life              

 Since June 2015, after the elections in Turkey in which Erdogan and his party (AKP) suffered great losses, an all out war has been declared against the Kurdish communities of eastern Turkey on the pretext of fighting “terrorism”. By waging a nationalist war, the fascist regime of Erdogan aims to dominate the extreme class antitheses within the turkish region as well as the interstate and imperialist antagonism within the wider region from the Black Sea to Mesopotamia. As Erdogan’s government incites nationalism and chauvinism within Turkey by spreading violence and repression, the forces of Kurdish and Turkish fighters maintain a mighty resistance and are escalating the level of confrontation by declaring autonomy in many regions and managing to strike military and police targets. Against the brutality of the fascist Turkish regime, the popular guards of the kurdish autonomist movement and Turkish revolutionaries resist by any means necessary, barricade their neighborhoods and take up arms.
 Every day towns and cities in Kurdistan are being bombed and are under state of emergency; curfews, bombings, assassinations by the repressive forces of the army and the police, home raids and arrests on charges of participation in either the rebel forces of PKK or in one of the hundreds of grass roots organizations which mobilize in Turkey and in Kurdistan around a variety of issues ranging from local governance and neighborhood assemblies to human rights groups and solidarity to political prisoners. The regime’s strategic plan is to attempt the palestinization of Kurdistan. An entire population is forced into a state of siege under conditions of subordination or even annihilation, by military and bio-political means. For this reason, the Turkish state is not only targeting revolutionary organizations but the entire spectrum of the social web. The state and military are deliberately assassinating women, children and the elderly, precisely because they are aware that the latter constitute an active subject of the social resistance and not simply unarmed civilians. Women and children in Kurdistan are the ones who lend the struggle its great momentum. The Turkish state cannot face the rebels’ armed resistance without bearing overwhelming losses and without the risk of suffering crushing defeats. It could compromise with a truce with regards to the armed conflict, however the immediate peril for the regime is the movement for democratic autonomy that has been developing for years and which feeds the Kurdish resistance and signifies its depth. The mass social resistance cannot be confined into the line of fire; it permeats and deconstructs the space occupied by power.
 In these many years the Kurdish movement has given bloody battles for autonomy by self organizing the regions of Kurdistan with councils and grass roots assemblies, by incorporating into the realm of self direction a variety of social issues, such as gender equality, ecology, self management, collectivization whilst at the same time it fights back against the violence of the Turkish repressive forces. Over 10,000 kurdish and Turkish fightes are held captive Turkish prisons. The struggle of the kurdish autonomist movement in Turkey carries many thousands of fallen fighters .
 The conflict in Bakur Kurdistan is clearly a class conflict. In the last years the resistance has spread into urban centres in which the turkish state and mulitnational capital find a fruitful ground for economic development. Moreover, the kurdish autonomist movement paves the way and lends a coherent revolutionary perspective to a number of radical and combative collective formations of political, social, religious ( e.g. Alevites or the Anti- capitalist Musulmanlar who actively participated in the Gezi park resistance movement) or ethnic character (armenians, kurds, laz, circassian, turkmens, tatars e.t.c.).
 The current campaign of the turkish state (and parastate) in its territory is the follow up of its operations regarding the civil war in Syria and the revolution in Rojava, of its policies in Bashur Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and of its collaboration with a number of states and financial elites that have invested in the Islamic State. The war that is unfolding at the moment in Anatolia is a critical and pivotal point in the social struggle for self direction and it concerns a broader region beyond the turkish territory.
 The turkish state is a crucial yet weak nexus in the global capitalist pyramid. And even though the turkish state is trying out its own expansive policy in the Middle East, in the region of Caucasus, in North Africa and in the Balkans, it nevertheless serves and is supported by the economic-political-military complex of NATO and the EU. As a member state of these interstate mechanisms, the greek state fully endorses the turkish state’s military operations.
 The struggle of the kurdish people for social autonomy in Turkey, in Syria but also beyond state borders paves the way by giving its blood for the global subversion of state and capital. It is time that we join the struggle in solidarity with all those who are at the receiving end of the turkish state’s murderous repression. To reinforce in a diverse manner and in all its fronts, the forces that are fighting against it. To stand against the interstate structures that beget war and slavery.
Anarchist Collective for the Combative Proletarian Reconstruction
January 2016


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Μονάδες Πολιτικής Άμυνας (YPS) ιδρύθηκαν στο Nusaybin









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Internationalist combatants fighting in the ranks of YPG/YPJ (People’s/Women’s Defense Units) have released a statement saluting the self-rule resistance in Bakur (North) Kurdistan. Revolutionaries called upon the youths to join the resistance alongside the YPS (Civil Defense Units) and guerrilla forces.

The press conference by internationalist combatants was held at the border between Qamislo city of Rojava and Nusaybin town of Bakur Kurdistan. The statement in Kurdish, Spanish, German and English also called upon youths worldwide to support the Kurdistan revolution.

The press release by revolutionaries from Germany, France and Spain is as follows:

“We are revolutionaries from all over the world who have come to Kurdistan out of their own free will to join the struggle for liberation.

We are living in a time of constant emergency. While at the heart of the Leviathan the enemy continues to numb, stupefy and enslave the people in the most thorough and wicked way, the fringes are lost in war. Today the oppression of 500 years of capitalism lives on in countless forms.

The rulers know no limits when it comes to securing their wealth and pursuing their interests. If we look at all the news of a single day it is easy to simply drown in despair. And that is exactly the point. We are to believe that there is no alternative, that the system we live in is the only option. When the soviet union collapsed it was said that we are at “the end of history”. But now, 25 years later, we see once more that capitalism isn’t and never has been able to solve our problems. On the contrary, every so-called solution has only multiplied the existing problems.

The system thrives on oppression. The oppressors need us. They cannot exist without us, but we can without them. Slavery, war and sorrow, loneliness and despair are neither fate nor coincidence, they are inevitable characteristics of a capitalist society. It is therefore our most urgent duty to organize against it. As much as they try to overwhelm our conscience and plant their truth in our hearts – we will not be deceived any longer. The alternative exists, right in front of our eyes.

For more than 40 years the resistance of the PKK against the occupiers, most notably the Turkish state, has never faltered. The PKK fight for freedom and autonomy, not just for Kurds but for all peoples of the Middle East. 4 years ago the fire caught in the western part of Kurdistan called Rojava, which was then liberated from the Syrian occupation. Rojava’s people self-organized, leading to a full-scale social revolution. Everywhere they founded councils and communes for local administration, and cooperatives as basis for a new economy. The historical resistance that was put up to defend the revolution, the fight of the guerilla; liberation of women, radical democracy and ecology as foundation of an alternative society – these are our hopes in the 21st century. We draw courage and belief from the revolution in Kurdistan.

The situation right now is very critical. The war in Northern Kurdistan, the part occupied by Turkey, has been raging for half a year. The attack on the guerrilla-controlled territories by theTurkish occupation forces on 24th of July was answered by the people by declarations of Democratic Autonomy in many areas in Northern Kurdistan. They built up communes and local councils, just like in Rojava. Led by the YDGH and YDGK youth and young women’s movement the people organized their self-defense and erected barricades in their neighborhoods. The Turkish state saw this as a threat to its authority that had for the last years merely existed symbolically in the Kurdish regions and attacked with uninhibited brutality.

For months now the people, most notably the revolutionary youth, have been resisting against the second-biggest army of NATO. Heavy fighting continues in the cities of Cizîre, Silopya, Nisêbîn, Kerboran, Şirnex, Gever and the Sûr and Farqîn neighborhoods of Amed.

During the winter months the snow limits very much the movement of the guerrilla. This is why the enemy does everything in his power to break the will of the people before spring. In the 90ies the state burned down thousands of villages to separate the population from the guerrilla and force the people to become refugees. Today they attempt the very same, attacking civilians with tanks, helicopters and heavy artillery.

Everyday there is news of children, youths and whole families massacred by state forces. The state has send thousands of its best troops and heavy weaponry into the Kurdish regions to quell the revolutionary insurrection. The occupation forces have decreed curfews in all Kurdish cities, cut off water and electricity and keep spreading anti-Kurdish propaganda while heavily censoring all Turkish media outlets. But despite all this the people have stood up to all intimidation attempts and fight everyday with unwavering courage and conviction in the streets of north Kurdistan. Recently the civil defense units YPS, modeled after the Rojavan YPG, have been built up to support this resistance.

We congratulate the creation of the YPS and send our warmest greetings and respect to the YDGH. Many of our comrades have fallen in this struggle. Their memory gives us strength and their sacrifice will not have been in vain. We will carry on the flame of revolution with all our heart and mind. Our place is here, side by side with our comrades, fighting for a free Kurdistan and Middle East.

We call on all revolutionaries worldwide – join the resistance. This is not the time to sit at home and ponder what might be. We are building and defending the future now. We call for resistance and solidarity. Rise against the imperialist forces. Come to Kurdistan and join the forces of YPJ, YPS and the guerrilla!”


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