Rigaer Street sends aggressive solidarity to Gare Squat and everybody resisting state oppression

When some people learned about the recent trouble to Gare Squat in Exarchia (Athens), they decided on Friday evening 26/05, to hang a banner in Rigaer Street, Friedrichshain (Berlin). After some minutes, Riot Police and Undercover Agents arrived at the scene and stole the banner. Meanwhile more people had gathered in nearby streets and ambushed a cruising Police vehicle with a rain of stones.

Soon more police was alerted to Rigaer Street, which is named a Dangerzone in official anouncements. But also more people came to protect the area and started throwing stones on cops.

More Anti Riot Units and a helicopter emerged and took a threatening position in front of the squat Rigaer 94. They did not find anyone because rioters left quickly.

Now the mainstream media and the scumbags from political partys will scream their never ending story about the dramatic anarchist violence in this area. But we know, the war has already begun and, infected by the virus of freedom, we are going to build lawless areas in their citys of surveilance.

Let us kick out police and their friends.

Virus Baxalais

source: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/213625