Call for solidarity to the movement of social self-direction and resistance in Turkie and Kurdistan


Serhildan Jiyan e

(revolt is life)


 Since June 2015, after the elections in Turkey in which Erdogan and his party (AKP) suffered great losses, an all out war has been declared against the Kurdish communities of eastern Turkey on the pretext of fighting “terrorism”. By waging a nationalist war, the fascist regime of Erdogan aims to dominate the extreme class antitheses within the turkish region as well as the interstate and imperialist antagonism within the wider region from the Black Sea to Mesopotamia. As Erdogan’s government incites nationalism and chauvinism within Turkey by spreading violence and repression, the forces of Kurdish and Turkish fighters maintain a mighty resistance and are escalating the level of confrontation by declaring autonomy in many regions and managing to strike military and police targets. Against the brutality of the fascist Turkish regime, the popular guards of the kurdish autonomist movement and Turkish revolutionaries resist by any means necessary, barricade their neighborhoods and take up arms.
 Every day towns and cities in Kurdistan are being bombed and are under state of emergency; curfews, bombings, assassinations by the repressive forces of the army and the police, home raids and arrests on charges of participation in either the rebel forces of PKK or in one of the hundreds of grass roots organizations which mobilize in Turkey and in Kurdistan around a variety of issues ranging from local governance and neighborhood assemblies to human rights groups and solidarity to political prisoners. The regime’s strategic plan is to attempt the palestinization of Kurdistan. An entire population is forced into a state of siege under conditions of subordination or even annihilation, by military and bio-political means. For this reason, the Turkish state is not only targeting revolutionary organizations but the entire spectrum of the social web. The state and military are deliberately assassinating women, children and the elderly, precisely because they are aware that the latter constitute an active subject of the social resistance and not simply unarmed civilians. Women and children in Kurdistan are the ones who lend the struggle its great momentum. The Turkish state cannot face the rebels’ armed resistance without bearing overwhelming losses and without the risk of suffering crushing defeats. It could compromise with a truce with regards to the armed conflict, however the immediate peril for the regime is the movement for democratic autonomy that has been developing for years and which feeds the Kurdish resistance and signifies its depth. The mass social resistance cannot be confined into the line of fire; it permeats and deconstructs the space occupied by power.

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