From Rojava to Belarus: Solidarity with the Anarchist Prisoners


Aleksandr Lukashenko, for 24 years you have dominated the people of Belarus and using your oppressive state apparatuses inherited from the authoritarian Soviet past, you continued this perpetual nightmare for the people.

Since the 15th of March, you, and your parasites, the bureaucrats, the police and the snitches have unleashed a barbaric campaign of repression against the people of Belarus and especially the anarchists who fight for the liberation of all.

Solidarity is the weapon of the people and as anarchists we are united in our struggle across all borders, fences and walls.

For these reasons, we are setting our sights on you.


Solidarity with the Imprisoned Anarchists in Belarus

On March 15th, anarchists joined thousands of Belarusians who went to the streets in multiple cities to protest the decades of harsh economic and social conditions caused by 24 years of Lukashenko’s dictatorship. Anarchists at this protest organized a separate block unfurling banners which read “For the people, the main social parasite are the bureaucrats, politicians and the police.” The anarchists were tailed by civil cops and after being followed and harassed, dozens were arrested. By the end of the day, over 100 people, including both anarchists and even bystanders were detained by the authorities.

Following those events, opposition groups, some of them liberal, nationalist and far-right, called for protests on March 25th throughout Belarus. The government started a nationwide hunt for anarchists and opposition members. In one of the most widespread police crackdowns in decades, the government raided homes and detained dozens of anarchists. Additionally, the regime  mobilized a campaign of terror using the repressive power of the police and the media to curb all anarchist efforts to organize against the regime. Police and military units were dispatched to Minsk in one of the largest operation’s in post-Soviet Belarus. Anarchists along with opposition groups and ordinary Belarusians marched through the streets to protest the ongoing state repression. The aftermath was the detention of over 100 people, many of them anarchists. In total, some estimate that over 1,000 people have been detained in Belarus in the recent events so far.

The IRPGF stands in solidarity with all the anarchists currently imprisoned, detained and injured from recent events. As anarchists ourselves, we see solidarity as the weapon of the people and reach out to you at this time of state repression to say that we are with you. We see the dictatorship of Lukashenko as our enemy, as much as yours and we are ready, with weapons in our hands, to fight any state around the world.





I.R.P.G.F. (April 2017)

VideoAnnouncementIrpgfSolidarityWithAnarchistsInBelarus – PDF TEXT

Mensaje de solidaridad … Bielorrusia desde Rojava IRPGF – Espanol PDF

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